Property Management

Why You Need A Professional Property Manager

Do you know….?

  • Fair market value for the size and location of your property?
  • What constitutes discrimination against an applicant?
  • The Federal HUD standards for number of occupants?
  • You cannot discriminate against children or familial status?
  • The portion of that law pertaining to service animals vs. pets?
  • What notice to serve your tenant for upaid rent?
  • What notice to serve your tenant for breach of lease terms?
  • What notice to serve a month to month tenant for termination?
  • How to begin an eviction process?
  • Your responsibilities for holding security deposit and advance rent?
  • What repairs are required under The Landlord Tenant Act?
  • The time required to complete required once requested by the tenant?
  • The time frame for effective renewal or termination of an annual lease?
  • The notice provisions for return of a claim against the security deposit?
  • What laws apply to claim of abandoned property left by tenant?

Are you familiar with…?

  • The Federal Fair Housing Law?
  • The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act?
  • The Landlord Tenant Act (Florida Statute Chapter 83)?
  • The transient tax requirements of state and local governments?
  • The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act?
  • Your state and local ordinances pertaining to code violation?

Do you have…?

  • An easily read and recognizable “For Rent” sign?
  • A corporate rate for advertising in local papers?
  • An Internet Website that attracts tenants?
  • 24 hour answering service to page you with tenants inquiries?
  • Qualified and licensed agents to show your property seven days a week?
  • Access to list your property with the local MLS?
  • Access to current sale market data if a tenant offers to purchase?
  • Federal Lead Paint Disclosure & Booklet and know how to use them?
  • A 24 hour emergency line for the needs of your tenant?
  • Vendors to service the needs of your property for fair market price?
  • Vendors who are licensed and insured?
  • Vendors that will respond within the time required by The Landlord Tenant Act?
  •  A staff available 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
  • Access to an affordable attorney to process an eviction?
  • Access to an attorney prepared lease at a reasonable cost?
  • Access to an attorney for free legal advise during the term of the lease?
  • Effective move-in and move-out forms and policy statement for tenants?

If not, this is why you need a Professional Property Manger!